September 27, 2011
Chef Showdown!
Tim Love vs. Daniel Holtzman!
Iron Chef Champ Tim Love and Meatball King Daniel Holtzman faced off in a spring roll challenge to benefit STREETS International.  With surprise ingredients personalized for each chef – Mr. Holtzman’s box included Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs – Mr. Love’s included raw steak and velveeta cheese – they had only ten minutes to create a unique spring roll and sauce to delight judges Rick Smilow, Mark Maynard-Parisi and Kerry Heffernan .   Host Lauren Glassberg narrated the events while dodging flying onions and mushrooms.  Yes, it did get hot in the kitchen!
At three minutes ten seconds into the contest Love took a break and invited audience members to share shots of tequila.  Holtzman fixed his laser concentration on the Boyardee meatballs (an ingredient he had never before encountered) and while chopping nicked himself!   The cry went up – “The one who is bleeding is leading!”  And indeed Holtzman was in the lead.  With one minute ten seconds to go Mr. Love had yet to make his sauce!  Glassberg led on-lookers in a countdown while Love tossed garnish and sauce onto his entry and wonton wrappers into the audience.  The contest ended with the competing Chefs sharing a hug of congratulations and relief!  Mr. Love’s entry “Raw Gangsters”, a tartar creation, and Mr. Holtzman’s  “Summer Meatball Rolls” were passed on to the judges to be graded on taste, presentation and creativity.  The result?  The Iron Chef still reigns, but by only a margin of two points.  Mr. Holtzman vowed to return next year.”